Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Life is a Monologue

Our first week as ELCs was just completed. We attended the Workout in Atlanta, and had a chance to meet some of the chapters we will be traveling to see this year. Overall it was a great experience, definitely eye-opening to what this year has in store. I can't even begin to describe the highlights of this trip, but just imagine what being with 130 girls with no sleep for 4 days is like(recruitment haha), and I think you can imagine the outcome.

The first day was really the most entertaining. We took sidewalk chalk and marked the route the girls should take from marta to the dorms. Along the way I was writing on the sidewalk just past Goodfellas, and this angry man came running at me yelling about making his store ugly. I then proceeded to use the pouty face saying I didn't know better and that we just didn't want our girls to get lost is all. He said, "Please don't cry, it will be ok this time." So my response was, "Thank you, and I am SO sorry. But really, what I wrote here is really cute, not ugly. I could have made it worse." Then I smiled at him and walked off to meet up with the other ELCs.

As the girls were arriving, the ELCs were assigned to several posts along the way from the airport to the dorms. I was assigned the airport marta station. There is a lot of activity in the marta station, and I found some of the patrons simply fascinating. I encountered 2 fanny packs. One of them was a leather style with a cell phone pocket on the outside(I'm assuming for ease of use, as if fanny packs aren't convenient enough already). There were also many, many confused people reading the signs for the north and south terminals. There really wasn't much action other than people watching. I found several sisters as they were preparing to board the marta, and told them where to go, but otherwise it was a fairly quite 4 hours. Meg wasn't as lucky (seeing as how she was posted at the Varsity). She got several "Yo, girl!"s that we're all so fond of while on her 4 hour post on the street corner.

The schedule for the week was packed and intense, and I think that all of the girls got a lot out of what they learned. On the last day, after everyone had checked out, the other consultants and I went to J.R. Crickets for lunch, and then went by the bookstore to start our collection of stickers from each school we attend. While at the bookstore we found some lovely yellowjacket heads and decided to take a picture. We asked this kind gentleman to take our picture with my camera. He attempted and FAILED 4 times. So we said thanks for trying to work a camera, and he should probably just stick to reading books. Instead, we took our own picture, and I will post it soon.

After leaving the bookstore we all went our separate ways, and we will see each other again very soon in D.C. I can't wait for this next year, it's going to be great!