Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Boda Getta
Boda Getta
Boda Getta Bah
Rah Rah Rah
Sis Boom Bah
Wegl Wegl
Kick em in the
Butt Big Blue

It truly is GREAT to be an Auburn Tiger! Yesterday I spent the day surrounded by thousands of football fans in an amazing atmosphere with best friends. Despite the freezing cold and wet weather, tailgating carried on as it does each week, but this time we were in Tuscaloosa for the greatest rivalry game (in my opinion), the IRON BOWL. If you don't live under a rock, then you are aware that yesterday my #2 ranked Auburn Tigers defeated a #11 ranked Crimson Tide Alabama team in the 75th match up of these teams. The game was what I would call intense and at times very disappointing (for both sides). Auburn managed to come back from a 24-0 deficit to beat the Tide 28-27. I can honestly say that I have never been stressed out over anything more than I was yesterday (and over a college football game). ha!

This rivalry, like most, has a long history and support of fans with a deep passion for each respective team. Not just the team, but the fans have a special dedication to the game and contribute to the atmosphere and love of the sport of football. Even people not from Alabama can respect the rivalry between these two teams, and I look forward to this week every year. At times it seems that the fans of these teams are more scared of the losing outcome than looking forward to the celebration of the win. Fans on both teams, like any good Southern team, display acts of common southern hospitality; however, both teams also have those obnoxious rude fans that don't know where to draw the line between common decency and their competitive nature. I like to think of rivalries as a friendly competitive encounter in which someone will be extremely happy at the end of the day, and the other will be extremely pissed off. My sister, Bridgett, went to the University of Alabama (and was a cheerleader). My mom, both of her parents, my dad, my youngest sis, and I all attended Auburn University. When it comes to football games involving Auburn or Alabama, we have always supported both teams, but this week everyone took their sides. There were a few fun text exchanges between Bridgett and I during the game:

Me (pre-game tailgating) - "War Eagle from a Crimson Tide tailgate."
Me (during 1st quarter) - "-10 yrds...that's a first!"
Bridge (before half time) - "You enjoying this game?"
Me - "Ummmmm" "No."
Bridge (AFTER the game) - "So I guess you liked the outcome of the game!"
Me - "Haha. yea, it was def better than the first quarter!"

And that's about how the day went. I rode to the game with my bestie, Jordan, and Lcook. We left with Ms. Cindy at 4am so that we could hit up a little Black Friday shopping before heading
to the tailgate. Luckily because we're so crazy, we missed ALL of the traffic. Between 5:30am and 7:30am we managed to make it to 4 stores before deciding it was time for some football. While shopping in ttown, we were all in our Auburn game day attire (including AU face tattoos). We encountered many "Roll Tide"s and the occasional comments. My favorite comment was from the dude at Best Buy who told us that it would only cost $200,000 to walk through the door. Funny. Once we arrived to the tailgate spot, we began setting up shop (since we arrived 30 minutes before all the bama fans). The Hackberry High Tiders welcomed us to their tailgate to hang out and watch the game, and the fun comments began immediately.

Auburn wasn't allowed to have our traditional Tiger Walk, so instead of letting that hold us back, we crowded the gates cheering for our team anyway. It was nice to see the fans who came out despite the weather. While waiting for the team, we ran into an older Auburn couple, and the gentleman was wearing an old "Beat Bama" button. I asked him how old it was, and he responded, "Old". He then informed us that this was his 52nd consecutive Iron Bowl to attend!!! THAT my friends is dedication! After cheering the team into the stadium, it was time to make our way back to the tailgate to catch the pre-game shows and find our chair for the game (ohhh and to get about 2 blankets each and bundle up because it was freezing...but I think I've mentioned that). =)

As the game was about to begin, one lady told us that as long as Bama was winning we could stay and watch the game, but when they were losing we would have to go. I jokingly commented, "Oh. Should we just leave now then?" Everyone laughed, and the Auburn fans loved it; however, maybe I shouldn't have opened my mouth so soon (especially now knowing how the first half played out). Of course, since Auburn did trail for the majority of the game, that meant that we were welcome at the tailgate, according to the opening remarks stated before the game. After the game was over, my friends and I were extremely happy. We may or may not have ran down the street jumping up and down high fiving other Auburn fans (tactfully of course). The people at our tailgate were less than thrilled at the outcome of the match-up, and were furiously packing their dishes and chairs into their cars (as I'm positive I would be doing had things ended differently). So we decided it was probably time for us to do the same, and get on the road to beat the traffic. While loading our coolers and chairs, a kind gentleman wearing crimson and white approached us and simply said, "Congratulations on the win. Your team definitely wanted it more tonight, and I will gladly support your team in the SEC Championship and hopefully the National Championship as well." We all thanked him for his kind words and all agreed that he was a true example of a fan with class, unlike the people throwing chairs at our tailgate.

The thing about rivalries and football is that every team is going to have those fans who don't show that class (Auburn and Alabama both), but it's so great when you run into the fans that do. Hopefully more people will learn to be the later of the two, and learn how to enjoy the game while also having that competitive team spirit. I hope that had we lost the game, my friends and I could have shown the same class of that gentleman to the Alabama fans around us. I am so proud of the guys for getting focused and fighting hard for that win, and I wish them all kinds of luck next week in the SEC Championship game! It really is GREAT to be an Auburn Tiger, and I believe in Auburn and LOVE IT!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Callin' Baton Rouge

Operator won't you put me on through? Gotta send my love down to Baton Rouge!

Last weekend I got to visit my sissy, Bridgett, and her bf Mat!!! They picked me up at the airport in New Orleans, and as soon as my plane landed I couldn't wait to get off to see them! As a part of my visit, I got a tour of Hammond, LA. The conclusion of the tour included a riveting experience at the Buzz. This place had a special kind of class gracing it's dance floor, and we made it our mission to observe such tragic behavior. At times I felt as though I was not yet old enough to enter such an establishment; however, we made our way to the center of the dance floor and had a great time closing down the Buzz.

Saturday, we went to Baton Rouge to tailgate for the Alabama/LSU game. I was definitely not prepared for all the walking we would be doing that Saturday, but I'm pretty sure we got a good 5 miles in (at an absolute minimum)! We got to BR, found a sketchy place to park, loaded the purse down with some "snacks", and walked off to meet up with our crew. After walking around for a while, we managed to meet up with everyone else, and decided to go to the bar to watch the game. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea. We packed in as best as we could, and managed to find a tv. At Walk On's I ran into Justin, who I haven't seen in 2 years! It was good to stop and say hey, but there were just too many people where we were, so Mat, Bridge and I decided to walk to another tailgate. The game wasn't exactly going well for Bama once we decided to make our way to the tailgate, so soon after our arrival we decided it was best to start our journey to the truck to avoid traffic. As we were walking up to the house where we had decided to park, the kind Mexican man who had taken our money in exchange for a place to park walked out and asked if we needed our car. We had been his first customers to park behind the house, and had been told that there would be a clear path for us to leave whenever we were ready. As we looked at the house, there were cars packed into the driveway, and there was NO conceivable way we would be getting out in the next 4 hours! When we noticed this, immediately we all became very upset and had some unfortunate choice words to share with this gentleman who had given us his word that we could leave when ready. The gentleman grinned as he shook his hand in our face and said, "Do not let the outcome of the game determine your anger." (haha, I had to giggle a little at this) Soon after the dispute was underway, we realized that our truck was parked in the yard next door, which conveniently had a path cleared for an easy exit. Needless to say we all felt TERRIBLE, and apologized profusely! The man and his son were very nice about it, and told us that they were glad that everything worked out the way it should. As we drove off, I am fairly sure they more than likely ripped on us the way we so rudely did to them, and we totally deserved it. We all couldn't get over how we had acted simply because we were tired and wanted to leave, and even Sunday morning we were still talking about how horrible we were.

Sunday we woke up, went to breakfast, church, and to school for Bridgett to do some work. I got to grade some papers, and write the bell work on the board while Mat studied and Bridge made Sub plans for the next day. =) The three of us did some quality bonding that weekend, and I sure do miss them now that I'm gone. Monday morning Bridgett took me to the airport and I flew off to Iowa for the next 2 weeks!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween (Chapel Hill style)

Friday morning I woke up, and I became very excited because not only was it Friday, but it was the day I was going to see ALLISON! It was so convenient that our schedules had us both in North Carolina for Halloween, so we decided to meet up in Chapel Hill to hang with one of her brother's friends for the weekend. I spent all day Friday on campus at East Carolina with the Alpha Xis and Fijis supporting their Jail 'N Bail philanthropy event. God blessed us with amazingly beautiful weather and a good turnout! The girls worked hard all week passing out fliers to get people to eat at Jersey Mikes and Chico's, because they agreed to donate a portion of the profit to Autism Speaks! The jail was positioned outside the student union and had games of corn hole, bucket pong, and cake walks for entertainment. Those that were arrested enjoyed an amazing bbq meal with baked beans, mac and cheese, and cupcakes! People were stopping by all day to "post bail" for their friends and everyone had a fun time.

Once 3:00pm rolled around I was ready to go! Allison was on her way to meet me in Raleigh, so Maryellen and I headed to the house to get our bags together. Maryellen was so sweet to drive me to Raleigh on Friday, and then back to Greenville on Sunday! I got so lucky that she was going home for the weekend! ME if you're reading're the BEST! Traffic got the better of us on our journey to Southpoint to meet Allison! There was a car that caught on fire about 8 miles from the exit to the mall, and Maryellen and I were in this backup for 45 minutes! We eventually made it, and I was SOOOO happy to see Allison. After a little shopping and girl talk catch up time we headed to Chapel Hill.

When we got to Chapel Hill I was a major navigator FAIL, and got us a little lost (but we did get a lovely tour of the campus and town). We eventually made it to Jordan's where the costume party had already begun. After a quick bite to eat and a wardrobe change we were ready to go. Parties are always a little awkward when everyone there knows each other, and you're the random guest. I'm pretty sure I was the most random person there! When people asked me how I knew Jordan this was my response, "Well, I "work with" Allison. We met this summer, and travel to different colleges because we're sorority consultants. Allison's brother was roommates with Jordan in college, and that's how she met him. So when we both knew we were in NC for the same weekend we wanted to meet up, Allison contacted Jordan and he said to come on over! And that's why I'm here." I love my random life!

Saturday we went to the UNC vs. William and Mary football game (UNC's homecoming game). The tailgating wasn't exactly what I'm used to, but the campus is beautiful. We walked around and then went to eat at Top of the Hill. After eating a fabulous lunch we all walked to the stadium. Jordan hooked us up with some tickets, and we sat with everyone in the student section. Compared to an Auburn game, I would say the spirit is very mild. But then again, not many things can compare to an Auburn game in my opinion. UNC was losing most of the game, and things weren't very exciting, so around 5:00pm the general consensus was that we should head back to the house. I was perfectly fine with this decision because Auburn kickoff was at 6pm! We watched most all of the Auburn game and I was that obnoxious fan! =) After the game, it was time for the night's festivities to begin!!! We went to a place called Deep End and everyone danced and had a GREAT time! Allison and I totally left our mark on Chapel Hill. Before going home, we went to Time Out Restaurant from Man vs. Food! The biscuits were AMAZING, and the place was packed out the door. I absolutely LOVE Halloween, and seeing all of the interesting costumes that people come up with each year. Allison and I were tagging along with a group of lifeguards and Brett Michaels. We saw a few Avitars, and of course all the classics. The cheetah lady at the Time-Out was by far the most disturbing outfit of the night, and all I could think was I bet she's cold! Ohhh good times! I had a great time while I was there, but I couldn't help but miss all of my besties who were at Mary's wedding for the weekend. I texted Shug a few times and it seemed like they were having a great time. The last few texts I received consisted of something about Harry who was pushing 50yrs old, can't get too close, and POKEYS NOW!!!!! To which my response was huh? =) LOVE IT! This was the first year that I missed my bestie's b-day, but I'm glad to see that she had a good time!

To complete our magical weekend away from work, Allison and I drove by Duke to take some pictures and see the campus. I didn't want the ride back to Raleigh to end, but unfortunately we both had to get back to work. Allison flew off to WPI and I made my way back to Greenville! We had a great weekend and I miss her so much already! Now I get to prepare myself for another weekend off in BATON ROUGE with my sissy for the Alabama/LSU game! I know I say this a lot, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY LIFE!