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Monday, August 5, 2013

One Month (and not what we expected)

This past Friday (August 2nd), Grady turned one month old!  I have no clue where the time is going, but now I can understand a little more why everyone kept telling me that it would go fast.

We had our first doctor's appointment a week after Grady was born, and he was growing good and healthy! G behaved so well and was the perfect little patient.

Measurements @ 1 month
Height/Length:  21"

Weight:  8lbs 10oz

Here's a little about some of what Grady's been up to these past several weeks:


Over the past month, Grady has started to sleep a little better (on certain nights).  He's still waking up to eat every 2-4 hours, but we're adjusting much better now.  During the days, he is awake a little more these days and loves to make faces at mommy.  We still don't get the point of tummy time, because Grady tends to think that means nap time.  He will lift his head and try to move around for a little bit, and then get comfortable and pass out.


Grady loves visits from his Gani and Denny and Grandma and Grandpa!  Over the past month he has also spent some time with all his cousins.  Emma Grace and Ella Raegan sure do love him and take such good care of their baby cousin; and Owen has come by a few times to kick it with G.  It is going to be so much fun watching all of them grow up together.

And of course we can't forget about Aunt Bridgett/Uncle Mat, Aunt Stephanie, and Aunt Kelli/Uncle Justin...he loves them, too.

We love bath time!
We love walks in our stroller!
First doctors visit

2am face
We took our newborn pictures! More to come...

Just chillaxin'

Meeting a potential future girlfriend...

Definition of cuteness!

Smiling at mommy

Bad Day

On Monday, July 29th, Grady started to run a low fever and wasn't acting like he felt very well.  We took him in to the pediatrician to get checked out, and were sent to Children's Hospital to be admitted.  Definitely not something we were expecting within the first month of being parents. 

When we arrived at Children's, they started to run tests to determine if an infection was causing the fever, and where that infection might be.  Because he was so young, they immediately started him on 2 antibiotics to help treat anything they may find.  We were told to expect to be there for at least 48 hours while the labs were being completed.  After 24 hours, they found bacteria growth in his urine and determined that he had a UTI.  Because they had found the infection, this meant that we would be in the hospital for 10 days for him to receive his antibiotics through an IV.

It wasn't the easiest 10 days, but after 3 days on the antibiotics, his fever went away, his appetite came back, and he was able to come off the constant fluids.  His mood started to improve, and he was back to our happy cute little man.  Unfortunately, since he's so small/young, the only way for him to get his antibiotics was through the iv, so we had to stay in the hospital until it was done.

The first 2 days we were here were very scary for Kevin and I, and it broke our heart to see him feeling like he was.  After we knew what was causing the fever, it made things a little easier, and it was definitely good to see him improving.  We are so blessed to have the family and friends that we do, because everyone has had such kind words to say.  We have had visitors and people bringing food, and TONS of prayers lifted up for this little one.  

While it wasn't the best way to start his second month of life, I'm very grateful that he is getting better and almost ready to head home!
We're 1 month old today!

Hey mama!

Feeling much better.

We had a visit from some clowns that gave us all a nose transplant.
Mommy's so silly

Aunt Stephie came to take care of me

Napping with daddy

Feeling well enough to sit up

Ready to head home!